about us

hey! here’s the twitter rundown (280 characters or less)

radia is a love letter to the girls that built geekdom. we’re for the cosplay queens, the fansite admins, the AO3 addicts. with a focus on flattering cuts and feminine designs, we make sure you can flaunt those interests without compromising on quality or style.

mod reveal

laura wearing a femme spock cosplay

radia was founded by a proud lifelong dork (pictured on the right). from trawling internet forums and virtual worlds in middle school to running the florida cosplay circuit in high school, i’ve been obsessed with all things geek for ages.

radia, as an idea, sparked from years of trying to integrate my favorite nerdy tees into my wardrobe. cropping my N7 tees left raw hems. tucking my Mortal Kombat tees into pleated skirts cut off the kick-ass design. if all the store offered was the dreaded “unisex” fit, i was left wearing a boxy tee stretched over time in the bust area.

radia is named, in part, after dr. radia joy perlman. her work on the algorithm behind the spanning tree protocol provided crucial architecture for the internet as we know it today. fun fact: her mother was also a programmer! learn more about her here:

a quick explainer on dr. perlman and her work

a fascinating interview she did for the atlantic column "mothers of invention"

+1 to inclusivity

as a queer, disabled, latina-owned brand, we believe all nerdy spaces should be inclusive, including this one. while radia uses femme-coded language, we welcome folks of all gender identities and presentations into our spaces. plus, everyone looks good in a crop top.

radia is also committed to celebrating BIPOC women in geek spaces. we have some exciting things in the works for partnering with organizations that support BIPOC women in STEM and geeky content creation.

as a start up brand, radia’s size range is currently limited to S-XL. while our shirts are designed for a ton of stretch, we’re actively searching for the best solutions so we can bring you a size range that better reflects body diversity.